The days of SuperSoakers, Ice Cream Trucks, and cookouts are a vibeee. We been inside for too long. Even if it’s with one or two people, we gon’ get outside and soak up this sunlight.

This summer, we will never forget. But, it’s up to you to make endless memories from it.

A Message from an Artist For the Culture.



The Artwork

This two part series is what fueled the entire Dear Summer Collection. The juxtaposition of the water gun along with the flowers just shows the resilience and triumph of beautiful Black Culture.

The Apparel

"We just wanna be outside!" That's the motto for the summer and gon' represent that proudly. Think of cookouts, ice cream trucks, and water gun fights with the homies. We just tryna vibeee out together.

The Collector's Item

But honestly, let's think about this. Some people might actually take this to the beach, but I look at this as a collector's item. The official ArtByJLaw Beach Ball brings all the vibes that makes this collection complete.


Over 25 hours of endless summertime hits for you to enjoy this summer. Whether you're cruisin' down the freeway at 2am taking it in for the night or jammin' on the way to the cookout; this playlist is the one you need. From Outkast to Lil Baby, the versatility of the #DearSummerPlaylist will be sure to get the "ooo this a banger" out of you. I just ask you one favor. Please enjoy this vibe. 


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She Wants War
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