The Back Story

The back story is pretty funny. I had some down time between my personal projects and client work. I just bought my girlfriend a Telfar when they opened the entire inventory for purchase back in August. After I bought it, I thought to myself, "These would be dope af to customize to make it a 1 of 1." I could have purchased 10 more, but the fact that I wouldn't receive the bag until December/January wasn't going to cut it. The thing about me, when I have that fire to create, I have to release it.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, I was talking to my cousin who had a Telfar and she told me she just sat on the website hours before to get hers. So shit, I tried my luck with the next release. It's like the stars aligned because the color released was the OxBlood, which is PERFECT for the Autumn season. Little behold, on the release day, I struck gold. I even went back to check after I checked out and they were all sold out. It had to be fate for me to do this.


- A chance to win One (1) Custom Painted Telfar Shopping Bag by ArtByJLaw. Color: Oxblood Size: Medium

- Raffle Entries Open: Oct 1st - Oct 7th 11:59PM EST

- Winner will be chosen on October 9th at 8PM EST

- Entries are $10 each. You can enter up to 5 times. (ex. $50 = 5 Entries)

- Entries submitted after Oct 7th will not be accepted for the raffle


- All entries are submitted through PayPal or CashApp

- Entries are $10 per Entry. You can enter up to 5 times (ex. $50 = 5 Entries)

- Please provide your Email Address and Full Name in the PayPal or CashApp description

- You will be emailed within 24hrs of your entry providing you with your Entry Number from

- If selected, you will be contacted from with instructions for shipping

- All entries end 11:59PM EST on Oct 7th. Winner will be chosen October 9th at 8PM EST

- For overall fairness, all entries are non-refundable