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"You could've been anywhere in the World, but you're here with me.." - Jay-Z

Hey, what's going on! My name is Jordan Lawson, the brains behind ArtByJLaw. I just want to welcome you to my home. I'm not really for the long introductions, so let me just hit you with a few facts about myself that may peak your interest:

-Graduated from Towson Univ. with a BFA in Digital Art & Design

-Spent 9yrs as a Graphic Designer in Corporate America before becoming a full-time freelance Digital Artist

-Pop Culture, Life Experiences, and Good Vibes are what influence my Art

-Art is invaluable, which makes it an inevitable investment

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woman in heels and sneakers artwork

"Own A Rack" Artwork

Own A Rack of Jordans, but don't sport 'em 'cause she love her pumps. A Classic indeed!

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"Sweet Desires We Taste Remix"

One word. Vibes. The Clicquot, Candles, and Roses. Thats a crazy trifecta.

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When I saw Meek post "A Baltimore Love Thing" on IG, I had to cop!

Marques F.

Packaging shows that JLaw put a lot of thought into the product. The quality of the tee itself is top-notch. The material feels great and the fit is nice.

J. Soden

Words cannot describe the joy, and passion when seeing this, man Thank u J.Law. It's truly a PRICELESS PIECE OF ART!!!!!

Robert Bailey