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"You could've been anywhere in the World, but you're here with me.." - Jay-Z

Hey, what's going on! My name is Jordan Lawson, the brains behind ArtByJLaw. I just want to welcome you to my home. I'm not really for the long introductions, so let me just hit you with a few facts about myself that may peak your interest:

-Graduated from Towson Univ. with a BFA in Digital Art & Design

-Spent 9yrs as a Graphic Designer in Corporate America before becoming a full-time freelance Digital Artist

-Pop Culture, Life Experiences, and Good Vibes are what influence my Art

-Art is invaluable, which makes it an inevitable investment

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Rub My Ears Baby

Through relationships, laughter and having fun is necessary. And this couple was the epitome of those vibes. Can you guess who this couple is?

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Take Charge L/S Tee

If she don't take charge like this when my food come out wrong, it won't work. You always need somebody that will hold it down for you always, in ANY situation. Loyalty is key.

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When I saw Meek post "A Baltimore Love Thing" on IG, I had to cop!

Marques F.

Packaging shows that JLaw put a lot of thought into the product. The quality of the tee itself is top-notch. The material feels great and the fit is nice.

J. Soden

Words cannot describe the joy, and passion when seeing this, man Thank u J.Law. It's truly a PRICELESS PIECE OF ART!!!!!

Robert Bailey